Teaching & Leadership

Advanced Natural Language Processing, Teaching Assistant
Graduate teaching assistant for Prof. Jacob Andreas. Developed and taught a new course module on dataset design and its ethical implications with a hands-on problem set. This material received positive feedback from ~250 students, has continued to be taught in subsequent years, made widely available on MIT OpenCourseWare, and adapted for different classes.

ML Tidbits
Co-director of ML Tidbits, an educational non-profit intended to empower the public to understand and discuss machine learning concepts and their societal effects. Wrote, illustrated and published engaging short videos on YouTube with quantitative pedagogical benefits.

MIT AI Ethics Reading Group
Co-founded and led an MIT-wide initiative to connect community members on topics around AI Ethics and facilitate interdisciplinary conversations. Organized bi-weekly meetings, curated readings, and facilitated discussions.

Intro to Deep Learning
Created and led an extensive introduction to the field of deep learning, covering applications to machine translation, image recognition, game playing, image generation and more. Counted as a for-credit course at MIT. Included hands-on labs in TensorFlow and peer brainstorming sessions. 250+ students attended. RNN lecture video here; slides here.